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Welcome to the Nasca Home!

This wiki has been created, due to the lack of proper tools to investigate this subject.

This wiki is special, it has been formated in both, english and spanish to match sentence by sentence as an effort to be as accurate as possible on the research, also is private, does not belong to 'Wikipedia' although may contain some of their contents, as they are sort of shareware.

The main reason, is that 'Wikipedia' policies, does not allow us to custom publish on their web. This wikia its very specific to one subject, in this case Nasca Lines and not generic and limited as 'Wikipedia' has demostrated to be, thats why we are very happy about Wikia.

We would like for you to help us on translating and/or completing as much as possible trying to focus on the subject of this wiki. Please remember, we are not native english speakers, but can write some, so if you can correct us, it will be highly apreciated.

Finally, we will translate anything you type there, so do not worry about mistakes in spanish. I hope you enjoy, have fun and thank you!

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Best regards, Luis Cabrejo, Lima PE - 05:34, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

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